Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL)


 Name of the Project: Raising peoples voice for Climate Change

Donor Name: Oxfam GB (Great Britain)

Area working in: Three Hill District Rangamati, Bandarban & Khagrachari are the main campaign area of the project. But ownís working area of ALO, people gathering, all types of operational helping from partner side, communication facility, victim response and media are also available so that ALO just arranging all the program/activities in Khagrachari. 

 Name of the Campaign Program   & Program Caretaker: Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL). Hilly Area Campaign Group, Lead NGO-Assistance for the Livelihoods of the Origins (ALO)


  • To make a call to national government on issues of Climate change
  • To raise peoples voice for sufficient planning and funding to encounter climate change impacts
  • To call forward to developed countries to ensure necessary funding for climate change preparedness

To support to a global call for carbon-emission reduction


No. of staff (including their position and sex):  Total staff-1(Male)

Project duration : July 2009 - March 2010


Local Issue:

CHT is the major vulnerable area for the impact of climate change because people are in the cht very poorest and they are fully depend on shifting cultivation. So that every simple of bad situation in to the environment people could not produce their crops. For that purposes socio-economic condition in cht will be broken potentially. 


Partner NGO: Lead NGO- ALO, PAJURECO, TOUNGYA (Rangamati), TOIMU (Bandarban),TRINAMUL UNNAYAN SANSTHA,GRAUS (Bandarban),ZABARANG, KMKS (Khagrachari)


Major activities for the year:

  1. Organized a Human Chain for Climate Change for the consideration of Prime Minister of Bangladesh throughout the Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari hill district that was vital role to demand and to notify for the affected people of Bangladesh into the total change of climate in the country on 15 October 2009.
  2. 06 Novemberí 2009 organized a Climate change Poverty Hearing.


Human chain held on 15 Octoberí 2009 for the burning issue of climate change.


Outcomes/ accomplishments for the year: Local journalist, peopleís and Government law maker donít know about the major impact of climate change in CHT even the donít what is climate. Hilly area campaign group is trying to aware and knowing themselves about the climate impact of the environment and how could happen to the marginalized peopleís of CHT through arranging a human chain and climate poverty hearing between the date of 15 October and 6 November of this year.


What will the program be focusing on in the next 12 months: In January 2010 have a farmerís assembly in Dhaka. During the festival more than 4 thousand of people will be gathered in this festival.